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Scotty's Everything Spot

A journey into some of the things I like

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A little bit about me.....

My name is Scotty Bishop, I'm 37 years old, 6'2", and about 250 Lbs (but toning up and losing weight). I live in Kingston Springs TN, but I'm not from here. (I really need to edit this because most of it is from years past, and things may have changed, but I'm heading to bed. If you read this and want updated info simply email me or hit me on FB until I finally fix this stuff. Ohh, goodnight, because I have to work early. Got some guests in from one of our facilities in Mexico, and they were awesome the times I've been down there earlier this year, so I have to be an awesome host for them, now back to the old info, some still true, some no longer relevant. I am also a Christian (but have not been going to church regularly) I have never been married, and I don't have any kids. In fact I don't even have a girlfriend right now because I don't do the club/bar thing. I'm not really a drinker, I don't smoke, and I never will. I love to travel, and if I could spend all of my time seeing new things, going new places, and doing new things I would.

I am currently employed with Cummins, a large diesel engine manufacturer which is based in Columbus IN, and I work as a business process analyst there. I also work on cars and computers sometimes for a bit of extra cash. I really need a life. I also am the worst in the world about getting hints. When I lived in Nevada no one told me this really pretty girl liked me and wanted to go out with me until the day I left. Everyone else could see that she liked me (I liked her too, but didn't think I would ever have a chance with her), but no one told me. She never told me either. I guess in social situations I really don't have a clue. I think it would be much easier if I could read people's minds.

I like to play some computer games even though I am not much of a gamer, and I like to watch anime. I am also into science fiction and fantasy. Photography is another hobby of mine. I LOVE going to anime cons and taking loads of pictures of everyone there. I also like to meet new friends at the cons as well. I have even cosplayed and crossplayed! Some of the people where I work and others I know seem to have issues with me liking that stuff, and say I should be into the things they are, like sports and nascar. Yuck.

I think you should always stick with your word, be honest with others, and give everyone a fair chance. There is no reason to hate others because they are different, besides if you want to reach someone else you should show them love. Friendships and relationships should be built on trust. After all, if you don't have trust for the ones you love then why are you around them? People should be free to be themselves, and should allow others to have the freedom to be themselves. If it isn't hurting you or anyone else then keep your nose out of it.

I enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life. You can never understand someone unless you take the time to get to know them, besides, you may find that you like them (even if they are very different from you). I have made friends with people who I would have never thought I would have anything in common with. I like it when I get told something like "You are one of the first christians who didn't look down on me, and judge me for the way I live." I have won more people to Christ that way, and I wasn't even trying to do anything but get to know them. If you would like some peace in your life, and assurance of salvation, then go here and do what it says How to receive eternal life

Again, I thank you for visiting my site.

It's time for the Scotty world tour!!!!! Actually, check my DA and some other pages for more recent stuff.

Well, maybe not a world tour, but it sounds cool to say you're going on one. I go to Pahrump NV (The home of the world famous Art Bell) every year though. My mom and some other family live there. If anyone from Pahrump reads this, go tell my mom hi. She owns a business there called Sunseekers. It's a mail forwarding/office supply business. One of these days I would like to visit Europe for a couple of months, rent a car for the whole time, and see the sights. I would also like to hit southeast Asia, from Thailand to Japan, and Australia and New Zealand both, and then maybe parts of South America. Untill then......

Here comes the pics...

The one above is me near Morro Bay in Calitornia, and the one below is me in Washington DC

I went, I saw, I got a tan.

I had some real fun on my trip to Nevada, and while I was there I got some sun. The coolest day there had a high temperature of 80 degrees, and before I left it was getting into the 90's. They said that record temperatures were being broken, and I believe them. when I was in Death Valley it got to 97 degrees, and every day after that while I was there it went above 100, which is really weird for March. The thing that made it even weirder is that most of the mountains had a bunch of snow on them. I would love to have weather where I could go to whatever temperature I wanted to.

I had a pretty uneventful flight, though while we were getting into position for takeoff I saw a big bird get sucked into one of the jet engines on the plane. I was lucky enough to get a window seat so I could look out during the whole trip. I think everything looks beautiful from the air. The flight lasted almost 4 hours (it only took 3 and a half on the way back), and I was glued to the window the whole way. When I landed I caught a shuttle bus to the rental car company to pick up my car (I highly recommend paying for everything in advance, I did and it saved money and time). The rental car company messed up on my rental car, so I got a new Mustang for the price of an economy car. I love it when mess ups go in my favor.

I was in Nevada and California for eight days. While I was there I did some star gazing (I brought my telescope, a five inch reflector), had a cookout, visited relatives, did some sight seeing, and best of all, I had some homemade peach pie. I really enjoy having time to go on vacation. I probably had more fun on spring break than anyone else where I go to school. I was also lucky enough to get the time off from work too.

This summer I plan on going to the northeast, Georgia, and back out west again. I'll keep you up to date on my wanderings. Have a nice day.

DEATH VALLEY!!! It was 97 degrees there, and it was only March 13th!


Pics from spring break 2005, yep, it's Nevada and California again.

Pics from spring break 2005, yep, it's Nevada and California again.