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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

ACen 2012 from the Media Blasters booth for the most part.

 Ahh ACen. Acen is one of the biggest conventions in the in the US, and there are plenty of events for pretty much everyone! I, of course was in the dealer room again. The crowd is big, but fun, and you will meet all kinds of people in the hamster tunnels connecting it all!

ACen has a pretty impressive dealer room, which of the conventions I've attended only Otakon and Gencon have a larger one. Artist alley is also quite large too.

Acen wouldn't be ACen without something bad going n. This year it was the fire alarm. Of course I had a carload of dealers on the way to get food when it happened! Thank goodness we missed that mess.

Stoll, of you want a big con with plenty to do and loads of people to meet and hang out with then this is your con!