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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

AWA 2012 from the Media Blasters booth in the dealer room.

Well, another AWA has passed. I went to no panels, and did no events due to being in the dealer room. I did meet some nice people, and took some of their pictures! Too bad I met no nice girls who were interested in me. Of course, if any were I wouldn't have a clue. I suck at getting those things.

There seemed to be better organization of the upstairs food court since they put it in the artists alley, and that cut down immensely on the crowds milling in the convention center itself.The panels and autograph lines could have been a bit better organized though. Still, it's a fun con.

This year looks like there was a pretty good crowd, possibly more than in previous years. Hopefully next year we will be in a better location, and that I will make some new friends. Yeah, friends would be nice.

I got con plague this year, and in the midst of suffering from it. I hope it goes away soon, very soon hopefully. Anyway, on to the pics!