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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

AWA 2013

AWA2013. It was bigger, but I had less fun than in years past. The lines were long, the halls were more crowded, and more people were in the atrium, but for some reason I couldn't make a connection with anyone really. Ohh, I got 2 new FB friends, but the longest I talked to anyone was less than 5 minutes (other than the roomies/booth mates). This makes most of the conventions I've done this year come as a failure for me on a personal level. I wouldn't think it would be due to the crowd, because my roomies hit it off and hit it off very well with people. I wouldn't think it is due to my age, because 2 of my roomies are within a year or two of me on age. Maybe it was me. It has to be something wrong with me. Maybe I should give up on conventions soon and simply sit in my home as a hermit, in front of this computer, yearning for human contact which I know I will not get. I don't know, but I feel farther and farther away from people, and it is depressing as hell. Ohh well, enough about me, you're here simply to see the pictures, so here they are. If you want a full size one let me know which and I will get it to you.