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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

Matsuricon 2012

The con was fun, though it was VERY hot in there. O would say next year they should work with the convention center to get some AC going on. The dealer room (where I was most of the time at the Media Blasters booth), the halls, and the panel rooms were between 80 and 90 degrees, That's miserable in costumes.

The staff was actually pretty nice, and while communication wasn't their strong suit between departments and about when things like reg were happening they were not mean, rude, etc. like you hear at another con that is held in the same venue.

Line control and when panels were moved could have been better. I wandered into a panel that was moved to a big room with an unannounced change in the schedule, and who no one from staff came to check on. They had equipment problems, which in hindsight was okay since I was the only person who showed up for it, so we simply talked.

Stoll, cons in Ohio are some of my favorites, and the plan for my next is Sugoicon in Fort Mirchell KY (Yeah, I know it's not Ohio, but it's a suburb of Cincinnati and has the Ohio crowd). I'll most likely be back next year because the Ohio crowd is some of the most friendly group of congoers in the nation!

I met up with plenty of new and old friends. Anyway, here are the pictures!