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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

Momocon 2012.

 Momocon 2012 and I tried a new lens out. I should have used one of my trusty lenses. This one was kinda grainy.

The convention was fun, and had some fun events (I was here as an attendee and had a comp badge because of booking the room). There were loads of lolitas there too, so I took pictures of them! I made some new friends too.

The bad thing was sharing the space with a debutante ball and with some type of professional convention. Realtors I think. That ended up making them block large portions off to keep "us" away from "them." Yeah, not a good mix.

The con really felt like a first year convention. There was quite a bit of disorganization throughout most of the convention. It was the first time they charged and had it off of a college campus though. I believe it will get better in the future, so I'll be back!