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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

October 2010 trip with my and brother in law. We hit TN, NC, SC, FL, and GA.

The pictures start out in the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia, the tip of Tennessee, then on through the mountains of North Carolina. We went to Great Smokey Mountains national park and Cherokee. Cherokee was a disappointment, but I still enjoyed myself. We then headed down through Asheville NC on 26 and into SC. We spent the night there at a Days Inn. The waffle House for dinner was an interesting experience, as was breakfast the next morning there.

The next day we headed on down I-26 to I-95 and took it into Savannah GA. I wasn't impressed with Savannah. Too crowded and tourist trappy. After Savannah we headed for Tybee Island. I actually enjoyed messing around on the beach. The water was pretty warm, but there sure was not much wave height and they certainly did not start as far out as they do in the Pacific in California. Still, it was fun. We left thereand headed to Fort Pulaski where I grabbed a handfull of Spanish moss for my sister. We then headed down to Florida where we ended up in Gainesville looking for a hotel. We were not successful due to no rooms being available because of a football game, so we ended up at a Super 8 in Ocala.

The morning of Sunday, 10-10-10 we headed out on backroads through various little towns and ended up at Cedar Key FL, where we wandered around a bit. We then left and went to the Place called something or other shell mounds, where I talked to a fisherman for a bit and saw what had to be a gazillion crabs. I got a picture of those, and I even picked some of them up. Crabs look angry when you pick them up and they don't want to be. We left there and stopped at a picknic area where we saw a load of wild pigs. We fed them sunchips. I also saw some alligators a bit further on, but those suckers are fast when they submerge, so I didn't have time to focus in on them and snap some pictures. After hitting springs and more beaches and swamps we headed on back to Georgia where we arrived at my sister's place around midnight. I hung out at her place the next day and headed home in the late afternoon. I had fun and can't wait for my next trip.