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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

Ohayocon 2012

For my first real review on here I have to say Ohayocon is one heck of a way to start the year! Too bad it's in Ohio in the winter.

I did have my dealer badge, but I ended up wandering the con and grabbing pics. It was my first con with my Pentax K5 and my Sigma 20 f/1.8. Sorry about the grain, the new Sigma lens wasn't a good one for a con, and I was learning my new K5 (it's much more advanced than my Kx). Well, on to the review.

Ohayocon is a great and fun con. Plenty of panels, good crowd, and a good dealer room. I disagree with the no fanart rule in artist alley though, so I did not hit it.

I did not like how some panels were shuffled around, and the special panel "room" out in a hall and across from the bar should not have happened. I was there when some bad stuff went down about it. Hopefully it will be addressed next year.

Freaking out the normies who were coming from the hockey game was pretty entertaining, and so was eating at the Max & Ermas across the street. While in crossplay. With friends in all kinds of weird costumes! You've gott to love it!

If you don't mind freezing temperatures, and super crowded elevators, then I'd do Ohayocon if I were you!