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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

OMGcon 2012

It was a relatively fun con from what I could see, being in the dealer room or selling glowsticks in the rave most of the time, but all in all a good and fun crowd.You can tell with the smallish dealer room that there were people who were hungry for otaku goods too. I took a break from the usual, doing the dealer room for Media Blasters, and helped John with Fast Food Anime. It was a blast.

One complaint I do have about the venue is the lack of nearby food and hotels. The convention center is nice, but there's nothing close! At least it is easy to find.

Also, thankfully, this year we didn't get ran out from setup before the rave. Last year a fog machine set off the fire alarms. It was a bit of a disaster.

So, if you want a cheap con, with nice people and a small crowd and you do not mind a little drive from the hotel to the convention I'd recommend hitting this little one in Paducah KY!