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Scotty's Eve​rything Spot​

Seishuncon 2012 pics and review.

My review of Seishun Con is as follows:

I noticed the convention seemed very disorganized when I went to pick up my badge at 9:00 Friday morning. they had registration right in front of the main entrance to the hotel, and when someone finally told me where they wanted me to go to wait in line (which was more of a 4 wide blob) it had me going past where the badges were given and the shirts were sold before I got to where either the money was taken or the pre-reg was checked. The person who said they were a director did not even know that pre-reg was cheaper, so she tried to say the 25 dollar pre registration was for a 2 day badge since that was the same as the at door prices. I was able to correct her on this. Later on they moved registration.

The next thing is that everything felt completely disorganized with the panel rooms, dealer room, and how it was laid out. I would have understood if it were a first or even a second year con, but this was their third year. I hope next year they get things straightened out.

Now for the biggest gripe, which is one the con can't be blamed for. The baseball players were rude. Otaku and sports players do not mix very well. There were baseball players being rude to congoers, even taking props and harassing some people until they either cried and ran off or changed out of costume and left the convention. They were also the ones who broke the elevators. I got annoyed with them playing baseball in the halls on the 4th floor. seriously, they needed to be rounded up and barred from all but one floor and from the convention area. Next year I hope this doesn't happen again. I had a problem with some rude attendees, and did not need a problem with other people as well.

So, that's my review. Now on to the pictures.